Has anyone worked with or have any docs on automat...
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Has anyone worked with or have any docs on automated workflow registration to a remote flyte cluster, particularly with ArgoCD?
i think so, this is the most supported model. We do not have with ArgoCD, but with flyte cluster - example github actions. There are github actions already available as well. if you visualize the flow, here is my preferred way 1. write dependencies, dockerfile - create PR 2. PR builds images and registers the workflows 3. Now you iterate locally, using the image registered from the PR (modify code not dependencies) 4. Once happy create PR and merge PR to main 5. now try to deploy it using argoCD to 'staging' / 'prod'. Each stage can have its own custom service accounts /roles and also register with correspondign flyte environments 6. on deploying to prod - auto activate all schedules, deactivating other schedules
cc @Stephen / @Tim Bauer use argoCD AFAICT
Thanks @Ketan (kumare3)
cc @Yuvraj / @Ali Abbas Jaffri can we get better docs for these and also publish them?
Yeah we use ArgoCD with Flyte but it only works with the cluster and everything needed for it on our side, to register workflows, we do it through GHA.