I got some DM questions from <@U037DPFAQFK>, wante...
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I got some DM questions from @raajay viswanathan, wanted to share it more generally to share the answers these are the questions i have 1. Similar to Spark plugin do you have a Ray plugin? 2. Is there a way for launch plan of one workflow to use the output of a prior launch of another workflow? 3. Do you have a catalog for the data that flows between tasks? For example, if one task outputs a model (TF, Spark Model) can another service access it to deploy? Answers: 1. Not yet. We planned to, but not enough demand yet. I think we should probably sometime this year 2. Not directly. you mean explicit Workflow chaining? We call it reactive pipelines. Again not yet 3. Yes you can. this is what we have in Flyteremote. and this is the intended usecase.