Hi there! I'm just discovering flyte and have ques...
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Hi there! I'm just discovering flyte and have question regarding pipelines, which I didn't find the answer to yet: Is it possible to achieve this: • Task A ◦ checks external source periodically for updates ◦ if external source changes, provide different outputs ◦ invalidate all produced artifacts (e.g. checkpoints, metrics, ...) of the whole pipeline • Task B (depends on Task A) ◦ restart when Task A changes its outputs The use-case would be that a user changes the training-configuration and thus the training has to be restarted. Also, all produced checkpoints should be invalidated.
Hi @ewam! • You can check external source for updates within a Flyte task. A Flyte task essentially is a Python function — so you can do anything. • You can provide different outputs but the task type you define has to be the same as that of the output's type. • By invalidation, do you mean delete? You can version your data, models, metrics and so on with Flyte. You can pick the latest and that should solve the invalidation case, right? • You can restart Task B when Task A changes. You'll need to handle this by yourself in the code or you can automate this using systems. I highly recommend you to watch this recording


that elaborates on the signaling feature of Flyte. I'm guessing this is what you're looking for.