Hi, I'm trying to run Sandbox deployment with k3d ...
# flyte-deployment
Hi, I'm trying to run Sandbox deployment with k3d cluster, following the instruction: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/deployment/sandbox.html#deploying-your-own-flyte-sandbox-environment-to-a-k8s-cluster At the resource page I see:
TODO: These instructions currently still rely on the old kustomize setup, and will be moved over to the Helm chart soon.
Is there any relevant instruction for deploying Flyte with k3d, because the current version runs into error (or maybe is not full) with the 2d step:
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k3d cluster create -p "30081:30081" –no-lb –k3s-server-arg '–no-deploy=traefik' –k3s-server-arg '–no-deploy=servicelb' flyte
Error: accepts between 0 and 1 arg(s), received 6
Tried to fix it with (following the k3d hints for tags):
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k3d cluster create flyte -p 30081:30081 --no-lb  --k3s-arg "–no-deploy=traefik" --k3s-arg "–no-deploy=servicelb"
but get an error again:
FATA[0000] failed to transform ports: No nodefilters specified
What is the right setup procedure and what are the right parameters for this?
cc: @Yuvraj / @Prafulla Mahindrakar
@Tatyana Vlasova seems k3d latest version doesn't have k3s-server-arg flag and also there is an open bug with node filters here https://github.com/rancher/k3d/issues/380 I would suggest going to v4.2.0 where this works • Install k3d version 4.2.0
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curl -s <https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rancher/k3d/main/install.sh> | TAG=v4.2.0 bash
• Create k3d cluster for flyte
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k3d cluster create flyte -p 30081:30081 --no-lb  --k3s-server-arg '–no-deploy=traefik' --k3s-server-arg '–no-deploy=servicelb'
• Create flyte namespace
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kubectl create ns flyte
• Apply helm generate file
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kubectl create -f  <https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flyteorg/flyte/master/deployment/sandbox/flyte_helm_generated.yaml>
Also the above instruction i provided use helm generated file and not kustomize which is not maintained at the moment .
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Also please review this PR for the doc fixes https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/pull/2125
Also @Tatyana Vlasova why not use flytectl
I didn't see the way how to deploy k3d flyte cluster with flytectl. I had to deploy not a dind sandbox, but a local flyte cluster on k3d/ k3s
ohh ya
what i meant was sandbox is essentially like k3d