Hi team, While executing map tasks in the order o...
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Hi team, While executing map tasks in the order of 1000s, some of the tasks fail. My current task behavior is if one of the tasks fail, rest of the map task execution is aborted. Could I configure in such a way, that failed tasks are okay, lets proceed with rest of the execution? Thank you.
Hey Varsha! Just happen to be browsing by. Looks like there is a
parameter that might be helpful https://docs.flyte.org/projects/flytekit/en/latest/generated/flytekit.map_task.html#flytekit-map-task
hey yeah there is a higher level failure policy setting in flyte, but it’s for nodes on the top level graph, definitely not within the map task itself.
the min success ratio will let the task proceed with failures but keep in mind it’ll mark the task as success.
This is great, thank you both!