Maybe it's just me, but when I followed <https://d...
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Maybe it's just me, but when I followed
flytectl demo  exec -- docker build . --tag "whatever:v1"
failed with following message: OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: unable to start container process: exec: "docker": executable file not found in $PATH: unknown It seems like the sandbox doesn't contain docker command. Am I missing something here? I'm using Mac.
hey @Masa Nakamura - so sorry i think those docs will need to be updated.
i think the new demo environment doesn’t expose the docker daemon anymore.
do you think you can create your images locally?
docker build -t localhost:30000/imagname:tag
and then
docker push localhost:30000/imagname:tag
the new demo environment exposes a docker registry instead of building in the container
that said thank you for reporting it.
we will look into adding it back
@Yee is the 'new demo environment' the one that ships with 1.3?
technically it depends on the version of flytectl
which isn’t tied to the 1.3 moniker exactly, but was done as part of that work
@Yee As far as I can see, there is no Dockerfile at this moment so I don't think I can create my image for now unless I write Dockerfile by myself.
yes that’s right
the guide should be a bit more clear maybe
this example is for cases where you want to use your own Dockerfile, which a lot of use-cases will call for.
this is the default flytekit one and you can see a lot more examples in the flytesnacks repo but i would not use those directly. Only for inspiration. those have a lot of custom things that make it work for that repo structure.
Thanks. I'll try it when I come back from blood donation 🙂
I have successfully built my image locally and pushed it into localhost:3000. I will try if my workflow is working tomorrow. Thank you for the help!
Happy Monday! That means I gotta work. I successfully built my image and pushed it to demo environment. The problem is that the demo cluster is very slow and my workflow won't get processed at the very first step. I'm using Windows WSL2 with native filesystems. After I started my demo cluster, the load average increases to 9 to 10 level.