Hi there - I’m standing up Flyte for (evaluation/e...
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Hi there - I’m standing up Flyte for (evaluation/exploratory purposes for my company) inside EKS. With the 1.3 release should I be `helm install`ing flyte-binary or flyte-core? These docs seem to conflict with these release notes
We're in the midst of enhancing our deployment guides. I'd say flyte binary is the way to go. Haven't we updated the docs to reflect the same? @Yee
oh sorry i missed this.
we have not. i have a PR out for that https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/pull/3116
but it's yet to be reviewed
nick - feel free to take a look there if that's helpful at all. we've been busy with some other stuff apologies
hoping to get this merged soon and additional docs updates going.
No problem at all, just clarifying!