qq, can pythonfunctask work without fast registrat...
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qq, can pythonfunctask work without fast registration? If can, how the code is stored and pulled?
yeah, that’s the original actually, fast registration/pyflyte run came much later.
but basically the burden is on the user to provide a container image version that has the correct code that you want.
where the code is stored and how it is pulled if it is not by pyflyte-fast-execute
Also, does
pyflyte run…
use fast reg by default
flyte is agnostic to that process.
typically, most of the tasks in flyte are container tasks. that is they are defined by an image.
when you run compile the assets, the image string gets included as part of the task template.
this image is assumed to have been built to be a mirror of the code that you’re registering.
in prior versions of the documentation, we used to recommend that the registration process be run from the container itself, but this was too complicated, and forced the user to build containers, which we thought was cumbersome.
flyte is agnostic to that process.
what process?
the process of storing code and building images
you can use github, bitbucket, stash, no version control at all… as long as the image is built to have to the correct version of the code you want.
so each task has a image itself? to include the code?
any command that i can run the task without fast reg?
want to check how it works
correct. at least container tasks do. there are non-container based tasks (like a sql task, that runs against a database)
not sure what you mean… can you elaborate
pyflyte run
exclusively uses the fast register construct. it is not possible currently to skip that.
oh i mean when i run
pyflyte run…
. it seems that it is using fast reg by default, but i want to launch a job without fast reg to see how the old one works
so i wonder what is the cmd to run a job without fast reg
pyflyte register --non-fast
😬 let us know if you can think of a better arg name
the example here is nonfast mode? I need to write the dockerfile myself? What the base image should be to contain flyte deps?
Any example can be registered via fast or non-fast registration. You need not write a Dockerfile in this case because flytekit, numpy, pandas, and a few other fundamental libraries are present in the default Docker image. In case you want to, then yes, you need to write a Dockerfile.
What the base image should be to contain flyte deps?
The base image could be anything. Here's an example: https://github.com/flyteorg/flytesnacks/blob/master/cookbook/integrations/external_services/databricks/Dockerfile. There are a lot more examples in the flytesnacks repo that you can take a look at.