Is the new single binary deployment intended to re...
# flyte-deployment
Is the new single binary deployment intended to replace and phase out the multi-image/binary deployment?
replace? kinda. phase out? no.
it should definitely replace the initial experience. we’ll be adding more documentation esp for plugins around that effort.
the reason is that most people will only ever need one cluster.
so it doesn’t really make sense to primarily focus on the more complicated one in the documentation, esp since you can migrate from one to the other
both are solutions that we will maintain. split deployment will not be phased out
ok thanks, good to know, are there any limitations in terms of capabilities relative to the split deployment or are they at parity functionality-wise?
i can’t think of anything’s that’s missing.
besides the obvious fact that it’s meant to run on a single cluster
we run it internally, supports plugins (spark, databricks), supports ingress, supports auth.
i don’t think we have notifications hooked up but that’s completely viable - just haven’t had time to deal with email sending
that’s the bit that will unpack the objects, fill things in, and repack them.
oh wrong thread.
@Andrew Achkar the reason for single binary is allowing users to adopt Flyte faster
The default deployment is still the most scalable one
But think about the new folks
Ok I see, thanks for the clarification! Just wanted to know if we should make plans to transition our deployment to single binary version, but from above will stick with the multi binary deployment.
You have done the hard work. Multiple services will remain.