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# flyte-deployment
Cc @Babis Kiosidis / @austin / @jeev / @Nicholas LoFaso / @Pradithya Aria Pura - thanx to @Aijamal we are getting a new account in gcp for testing and deploying flyte. We would love if folks could help us set it up as a testing environment
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I can help configure a or GCP organization (or guide someone else that wants the knowledge/experience) — IIRC would need someone with DNS permissions on the domain. Does Union/Flyte have other GCP resources? ( roughly speaking an AWS account = a GCP project … so do you already have a GCP ‘organization’ ( and you will apply credits that @Aijamal likely provided to a billing account tied to distinct projects )? Likely for testing and OSS purposes you might want that further from union internals [ even though permissions boundaries are pretty straightforward to manage]
Ya this will be open source
Nothing to do with union
@Ketan (kumare3) happy to help here. I.e. we have fresh terraform configs for a flyte setup that's similar to the one in the GCP docs, but more complete. Includes cluster, bucket, dns, Cloud SQL, docker registry, roles, permissions, workload-identity etc.
This is great! @Justin Tyberg and I can help out as well
I started a document to get us on same page for purpose(s)/concerns/etc --> ahead of actual implementation. I included what was top of mind, please add/comment/etc anything.
cc @Haytham Abuelfutuh
First step — I can keep adding issues step-by-step, but I don’t have permissions to address much myself.
Hey @austin let’s fix the permissions issue!