Hey <@UNZB4NW3S>, I recall you mentioned a while b...
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Hey @Ketan (kumare3), I recall you mentioned a while back in one of our syncs that the metadata fields to expose users who submitted workflows may be available by the API but isn't exposed in the frontend today/it'd be possible to specify a "user" even without auth (basically so we can identify runs in the UI based on the user who launched it). Do you have any other color here/could someone give me some pointers?
There are a number of UI improvements in flyteconsole that we're looking into & I'd be willing to even temporarily run a forked version for a while as we iterate on our ideal UX. Happy to chat more about this too
We've got a hackathon coming up and might tee some of these improvements up as a project :)
we would love to have you guys go over all your improvements in one of the community syncs and then contribute them
Sounds good. If you guys have this/would be willing to share, can throw some figma mocks together quickly to illustrate what we’re thinking about
actually wait i am not seeing the principal field
sorry disregard previous one
you can populate the execution metadata from pyflyte run and it should be allowed only if auth is disabled
My understanding is that
won't be rendered in flyteconsole today but that's pretty simple to wire up; is that accurate?
should be trivial
its already in the payload
Awesome. Thanks a bunch @Ketan (kumare3)!
we actually have in our own mock up
Happy to share a set of UX improvements in a community sync in the near term