• Konstantin Slisenko

    Konstantin Slisenko

    7 months ago
    Hi, I’m going to upgrade from old to the new flytekit. I have a lot of workflows written on the old style flytekit. Is it possible to keep an old workflows working and have a flexibility to create new workflows? When I’m trying to create old style workflow I’m getting no launch plan at Flyte
    def sample_legacy_task(workflow_parameters, input, out):
        # TODO some logic
    class SimpleLegacyWorkflow:
        input = Input(
            help='Test input'
        result = sample_legacy_task(input=input)
        output = Output(result.outputs.out, sdk_type=Types.String)
    SimpleLegacyWorkflowLaunchWithCredentials = SimpleLegacyWorkflow.create_launch_plan(
        labels=get_launch_plan_labels(), annotations=get_launch_plan_annotations()
  • George Snelling

    George Snelling

    7 months ago
    @Yee @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) any ideas?
  • Yee


    7 months ago
    hey @Konstantin Slisenko let us know when you can do a google meet to chat about this