Hi everyone! Happy new year! Has anyone every used...
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Hi everyone! Happy new year! Has anyone every used AWS Cognito for authentication with Flyte? (We deployed Flyte on EKS) Cognito is a requirement for us in order to give access only to authenticated users. Currently we are facing several issues following this guide: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/deployment/cluster_config/auth_setup.html (Okta worked seamlessly but we decided to not use it. Cognito is a must for our setup) When Flyte tries to access our Cognito domain we get the following error in one of the admin pods:
{"json":{},"level":"error","msg":"Error creating auth context [AUTH_CONTEXT_SETUP_FAILED] Error creating oidc provider ....
flytectl or browser does not redirect to Cognito UI for authentication.
We have never used cognito. If cognito is an oauth2 provider it should work
It is almost impossible to maintain all auth providers. Folks in the community if have tried cognito can help