After a recent update to our flyte helm chart, rec...
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After a recent update to our flyte helm chart, recovery has stopped working. We can relaunch still but we are getting an error
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Failed to check the existence of deck file.
We get that error in the propellor when we hit recover
@Louis DiNatale sorry about this bug. It has been fixed in this PR. The bug was introduced here. So updating the FlytePropeller version will fix this.
perfect thanks dan
let’s bump that to 8 mins. should be enough.
Perfect thank you so much
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// This may consist of:
								// 1. Transient errors: e.g. failed to reserve
								// container name, container name [...] already in use
								// by container
								// 2. Permanent errors: e.g. no command specified
								// To handle both types of errors gracefully without
								// arbitrary pattern matching in the message, we simply
								// allow a grace period for kubelet to resolve
								// transient issues with the container runtime.
to “handle both types of errors gracefully…”