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Hey everyone, 📣 📣 📣 Webinar on the “*Operationalizing Machine Learning: An Interview Study*” paper is happening on Tuesday Dec 6! Join us for a comprehensive discussion on MLOps by thought leaders from the MLOps industry. Featuring Guest Speaker Rolando Garcia: • Rolando Garcia is an aspiring professor and a Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley working in the EPIC Data Lab, where he researches experimentation in MLOps: Processes and tools for ML engineers to iterate on models and data in production or people-facing environments. He’s the primary developer and maintainer of PyFlor, a record-replay system for Hindsight Logging for Model Training. Rolando is a recipient of the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. And Panelists: • Fabio Gratz@Fabio Grätz is a senior software engineer at Recogni, where he works on MLOps. He previously led MLOps at Merantix Momentum where his team worked on a self-serve internal developer platform with opinionated services for building robust and maintainable ML production systems. Fabio has a Ph.D. in theoretical astrophysics. • Varsha Parthasarathy@varsha Parthasarathy is a software engineer at Woven Planet working on an ML Platform that deals with supervised metrics/data annotation pipelines/ML Data stores for autonomous vehicles data ground truth perception. • Duane J Rich ◦ Duane Rich is a senior data scientist at Lyft who helped design, build and maintain Lyft’s causal forecasting system used for planning and budgeting. He produces content on ML and statistics on YouTube (which you might not want to miss!). • Full panelist details coming soon! ➡️ Register here on Meetup!
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