Hello all I am interested in knowing the resources...
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Hello all I am interested in knowing the resources (CPU, GPU and Memory) requested by a task. Can you please let me know which table-field in Flyte Admin Db contains this data?
hey - a lot of the data is not exposed as columns in the db
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some things we end up having to pull out of the closure, but for now the resources live there.
so it won’t be possible to write a sql query to pull them out. could you elaborate a bit on what you’re trying to do please?
Thanks @Yee for helping with this! We are looking to compute the resource utilization of a workflow for our internal auditing purposes. We are fine with deserializing the
field in python; can you please let me know which table this in and it's associated
interesting. keep in mind there are some caveats here, especially as they relate to dynamic tasks. dynamic tasks and map tasks can become very large by their nature. that said, at the task level, you can query the
table (that’s what the screenshot was for). The
column will be this idl message which is written here. For workflows, the closures tend to be larger, so they’re offloaded and only the link is stored in the database. you can follow this logic though to construct the workflow closure message.