is it possible to define subworkflow, which gets i...
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is it possible to define subworkflow, which gets included as part of wf def
what do you mean?
when you compile a workflow and it gets sent up to admin, the structure of any subworkflows gets automatically included
@Joseph Wang yes that is the default. The closure will include the subworkflow
It is also possible to define an external subworkflow (we call it child workflow)
that is invoked separately
is there a doc or example
image a team has a well def training wf that includes hp and complex eval
they want everyone w/i their team to follow the wf pattern
think of it as defining wf templates for feature prep, data validation, data sampling, training, eval, etc
yup this is a covered scenario in Flyte
I am assuming you want to
an existing
template task / workflow
across the organization
we call it reference tasks. If you read the spotify blog they use this a lot too
Did I get it right?
you can refer to any task/workflow/launchplan in the system