Issue: I have been following the docs <here>, b...
# ecosystem-unionml
Issue: I have been following the docs here, but while running the code
unionml serve app:app --reload --model-path /tmp/
, I get this error on the browser
{"detail": "Method Not Allowed"}
and in the terminal, it is showing:
INFO: - "GET /predict HTTP/1.1" 405 Method Not Allowed
My Folder structure looks like this (i.e in same directory): -> -> -> (same code as Thanks,
Have you tried sending a POST request to the URL?
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import requests
from sklearn.datasets import load_digits

digits = load_digits(as_frame=True)
features = digits.frame[digits.feature_names]

prediction_response = <|>(
    json={"features": features.sample(5, random_state=42).to_dict(orient="records")},

cc: @Niels Bantilan
Got it, firstly I ran the command:
unionml serve app:app --reload --model-path /tmp/
, and then running the file, I got the output. Thanks for your help!!
hey @Akarsh Upadhyay so the online server is simply a FastAPI App. You can do to<port>/docs
on your browser to see the API documentation