:wave: Hello everyone. I'm exploring flyte as a po...
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đź‘‹ Hello everyone. I'm exploring flyte as a potential tool for my team and have a question I can't seem find an answer to: Is there any mechanism for configuring the python runtime environment for a task? Other tools I've explored have allowed me to pass in a list of packages (or a requirements.txt) and I'm looking for something similar.
there is currently not, though this is something I would love to spend time thinking about.
it wouldn’t be too hard to build this out as an extension - perhaps a script that runs that installs everything before the task is run.
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but that’s inefficient… or you can somehow detect changes to these requirements and build images for each.
but that gets flyte into image building, which is not something we quite have the resources to tackle atm
Thanks for the response. Creating my own image isn't the worst thing in the world but yeah, passing in a list of packages would be convenient
i will plug however that if your requirements don’t change, you don’t have to rebuild each time.
as long as you’re just updating your code… that is shipped separately and auto installed before running.
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and please upvote the issue if you like the idea.
it helps us keep track of popular requests
I will do that, thanks again for the response!
@Josh Kilts pleasure to meet with you
welcome to the community
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