Hi! I've been looking into the <docs for Notifica...
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Hi! I've been looking into the docs for Notifications (and also checked the corresponding admin code). From what I could gather, GCP support for creating events (in Pub/Sub) already exists, but there is currently no way of sending email notifications with GCP (i.e. no
for GCP). Just wanted to confirm whether that is correct or if I am missing something?
cc @katrina / @jeev?
i think you can use sendgrid
pubsub + cloud functions could do this
it doesnt have the same aws functionality i guess 😞
sendgrid support ships out of the box
but if you're interested in adding an implementation for pubsub and cloud functions like Jeev mentioned we would love to work with you to get that in!
GCP generally offloads to SendGrid [ there are a number of official docs for that ].
If tying with functions [ as many solutions use ], do think about using Functionsv2 which is almost GA [ I think plenty stable ]. Will reduce needing future cleanup once v1 eventually deprecated.
thank you @austin
Does anyone have pub/sub in GCP actually configured and working? I think we should add an example config to the docs and to values-gcp.yaml like for aws.
I can add it to the docs, but I want to try it first.
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I also wasn’t sure how wanted to demo/show/handle. As pubsub topics, subscriptions, functions, etc I consider all as infrastructure, so would also be configured in terraform, etc. pushing to pubsub doesn’t concern me at all from a functionality, but ensuring a coherent deployment strategy does.