We've been putting flyte through its paces on high...
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We've been putting flyte through its paces on high fan-out workflows (ie ~50 parallel subworkflows using
) and we've noticed some flakiness w/ the graph view when expanding subworkflows. In lieu of that, it seems like the timeline view is better suited to finding failing nodes. Would there be interest in a contribution to improve filtering in the timeline view (ie. using the same categories in the graph view)?
The pan/zoom and collapse/expand interactions in the graph are already a massive improvement over Argo & Kubeflow though
Cc @Jason Porter
Please contribute 😍
Yes we would absolutely love if you wanted to contribute! 👍 And then in terms of the flakiness, what kinds of things are you seeing? Asking because we are working through a list of known bugs and want to make sure out list is complete. If you take a look at our Graph Refresh milestone and don't see the bugs you're experiencing we would definitely like to add an issue for it (either you can yourself or you could just describe it to me and I can for you)
I dug in a bit yesterday and I think what I was perceiving as flakes/flickers of the graph component was actually incorrect panning behavior when expanding a subgraph
I've used react-flow a few times and I'm happy to file some issues later and take a look myself. I demoed the flyte UI to some folks on our team and wanted to try to upstream as much of the feedback as y'all will accept 🙂
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Ah okay yeah - so I am pretty sure that is a known bug around re-centering and re-sizing
And yes @Rahul Mehta - if you're familiar with ReactFlow definitely feel free to jump in! 🙌
also we will definitely accept fixes 😄 if you could write up a small one pager that might make it even easier to accept and help where we can,