Submitted a PR to a repo in unionai-oss github [ s...
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Submitted a PR to a repo in unionai-oss github [ specifically in ] … What’s the workflow for people to update those repos ( since isn’t as closely tied to the flyte ecosystem … do we not consider that as much of a “community” environment )? Related, there didn’t appear to be a way to tag/assign a reviewer…. LOL, this might not even be the right place to ask that question — but I don’t know where else would be 😛
@Yuvraj and @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) knows more about this… do we have a process?
My point is that there ideally would be a process in mind for how to handle contribs, for things that are open (no matter the github org)... the specific PR is innocuous.
we don't have a formal process, we should at the very least have owners (going to fix this). Apart from that, unless I'm missing something we should follow the usual code review + testing process (gh actions are a little weird to test, but it's still doable).