Nick Müller (MorpheusXAUT)

06/27/2022, 5:18 PM
We have just submitted a RFC for the eviction of cached task outputs (and proposing the addition of a basic
API for clearing the cache of completed executions): Thank you for the initial feedback to @Dan Rammer (hamersaw). As this change could have a slightly larger impact on Flyte, we'd be happy about some extra thoughts or ideas some of you might have - any comments would be appreciated!
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@Dan Rammer (hamersaw) (sorry to ping you directly again 😅 ) any input on the additional suggestion left by @Paul Beskow on github: is that something we should look into including in this RFC, or keep separate?
it's definitely something could see being useful for our use cases, just not sure if we should split it (so we don't bloat the scope too much) or not

Dan Rammer (hamersaw)

07/05/2022, 11:17 PM
Left a comment on github. TL;DR I think it could be a very useful feature and the cache eviction API makes it possible. However, I think there are enough unknowns and required discussion that it makes sense to track it separately.
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