I want to register my workflow. I have done the fo...
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I want to register my workflow. I have done the following steps Step 1: create project. Example:
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flytectl create project --name myflyteproject --id myflyteproject --description "myflyteproject description" --labels app=myflyte
Step 2: build docker image Example:
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docker build -t my-flyte-img:v1 .
docker tag my-flyte-img:v1 <http://ghcr.io/nguyenhuuvan51703223/my-flyte-img:v1|ghcr.io/nguyenhuuvan51703223/my-flyte-img:v1>
docker push <http://ghcr.io/nguyenhuuvan51703223/my-flyte-img:v1|ghcr.io/nguyenhuuvan51703223/my-flyte-img:v1>
Step 3: Example:
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pyflyte -c sandbox.config --pkgs core serialize --in-container-config-path /root/sandbox.config --local-source-root /Users/admin/hvan/myproject/flytesnacks/cookbook --image <http://ghcr.io/nguyenhuuvan51703223/my-flyte-img:v1|ghcr.io/nguyenhuuvan51703223/my-flyte-img:v1> workflows -f _pb_output/
Step 4: Example
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flytectl register files _pb_output/* -p myflyteproject -d development --version v1 k8sServiceAccount demo --outputLocationPrefix <s3://my-s3-bucket/raw_data>
Step 5: open UI and launch workflow I get the error:
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[1/1] currentAttempt done. Last Error: USER::containers with unready status: [a5k8lnk9s5qh98szvgc8-n0-0]|Back-off pulling image "<http://ghcr.io/nguyenhuuvan51703223/my-flyte-img:v1|ghcr.io/nguyenhuuvan51703223/my-flyte-img:v1>
Did I miss or take wrong on any step?? Do I need push my image to my docker registry? Do I need define my repository name somewhere?
Seems right
But, the image is not pullable
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I have published my image in repository and it worked. I forgot about this
ok cool