# announcements

Samhita Alla

06/24/2022, 10:40 AM
📣 Contributors of the Month 📣 Hi everyone! For the month of June, we want to give shout-outs and send swag to the following list of contributors who are sweating it out to make Flyte even better! • @Matthew Griffin built Pterodactyl , Javascript SDK for Flyte. Check out the repo & watch the


to see what Matthew has to say about the library. • @David Przybilla wrote an article that differentiates Flyte and Kubeflow. He has also worked on compiling a doc of all his learnings detailing how Flyte works — highly recommended for first-time contributors. • @Robert Everson worked on adding ARM architecture support to Flytekit for Lyft internal use; the changes would hopefully be merged into the master branch very soon. We hope to have many more of your contributions, Matthew, David, and Robert! All contributors of the month should be available on
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