Heyy! I am learning and getting hands-on in flyte....
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Heyy! I am learning and getting hands-on in flyte. following https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/getting_started/deploy.html running $flytectl sandbox start --source . Don't know exactly why the services of the sandbox here are remaining in pending state
Hii @Hafsa Junaid So each of these lines is downloading a docker image… this can be slow depending on your network bandwidth and geographical location… Can you make sure the docker daemon has enough resources (say 8Gb mem)… If you are on windows, this is the guide. OSX has similar steps here. We are working on reducing the package size to speed up this process for first time users… stay tuned! 🙂 To know what’s happening with these, you can do this:
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flytectl sandbox exec -- kubectl describe pod -n flyte flytepropeller-6f....
for example to understand why it’s still pending… Finally note that if it remains Pending for long, the operation will timeout and you will get a failure. You can increase the timeout by running:
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flytectl sandbox start --env FLYTE_TIMEOUT=1800
To allow it to wait up to 30mins… I hope this helps
Yeah it took time, now it's up! Thankyou so much @Haytham Abuelfutuh
Hafsa we are working on making this much faster
Please stay tuned