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#ask-the-community I am having issues with flyte propeller picking up stale resources and giving error. In my k8s cluster, I have deleted the flyte installation and then reinstalled flyte again. But the flytepropeller still shows the logs from the workflows that failed in the previous installation. When i try to submit a new workflow I get the below error in the UI Request failed with status code 500 failed to create workflow in propeller create not allowed while custom resource definition is terminating What could the reason be for this.?
what command you used to delete the cluster?
@Sujith Samuel it sounds like the previous FlyteWorkflow CRD has a few resources existing from the previous install. These likely have finalizers, etc which is stopping k8s from garbage collecting them. Then the CRD is likely marked for deletion, but can not be until the resources are cleaned up. So when the new installation attempts to create a FlyteWorkflow, k8s sees the CRD as marked for deletion and does not allow it. You should be able to cleanup the previous FlyteWorkflow k8s resources, delete the CRD, and recreate the CRD to fix this issue.
Please let us know if you run into issues here!
Actually one corollary to this issue is that in the system once the flyte workflows are running and executed, they dont free up the k8s resources. As in the requests sat as is and dont get release. I am not sure if this is due to the above same error or not @Dan Rammer (hamersaw)
@Kevin Su I used helm uninstall to remove flyte
@Sujith Samuel can you elaborate here?
once the flyte workflows are running and executed
- does this refer to the new installation?
Sorry for the delayed response. But the previous flyte workflows were existing as CRD. Once they were deleted, everything was fine