Hi .. I earlier tried using ray.init() for my pre...
# ray-integration
Hi .. I earlier tried using ray.init() for my previous flyte task. Now how should i override the RAY engine to use default. Even after shutting down the ray instance, . I can see Ray gets initialized automatically??
Interesting- are you saying if you have 2 tasks one ray one not, the even for second ray gets init?
Do you have ray init at the module level
Yes.. My script doesnt have import ray even..
Not sure where I am doing wrong here ?
Can you share an example for us to help
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The moment libraries are installed, ray is getting initialized.
Because of this I am getting UserWarning: The size of /dev/shm is too small (67108864 bytes). The required size at least half of RAM (33303341056 bytes). Please, delete files in /dev/shm or increase size of /dev/shm with --shm-size in Docker. Also, you can set the required memory size for each Ray worker in bytes to MODIN_MEMORY environment variable.
I m actually not using RAY here