Hey, all! First post here :slightly_smiling_face: ...
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Hey, all! First post here 🙂 Does there exist a more recent outline on automated deployment of Flyte to AWS (EKS)? I’m trying to follow this guide, but Opta seems to encounter YAML validation errors when following these steps.
Opta is not in active development, You can generate terraform from opta config
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opta generate-terraform --backend remote -c ./env.yaml --delete
opta generate-terraform --backend remote -c ./flyte.yaml --delete
Can you also post your error message ? Ideally it should work
Hmm, ok. I’m going to check in with infra engineers at my org to see if there’s a more streamlined way of provisioning EKS clusters that I’m not aware of, otherwise I’ll give the above commands a shot. Thank you!
@Yuvraj Do you know whether these Terraform files are still useable? Last push I see is 3 years ago. The reason I ask is because it would fit better into our build processes.
cc @Tyler Su
Hey Aphra, someone from the team will get to your question soon! hang tight, please
@Aphra Bloomfield it is very old terraform, Not actively maintained, Best way is to generate terraform from opta file
@Aphra Bloomfield If you are facing any issue with opta generated terraform then please let me know, I can help you