Is there a way to configure the storage location/p...
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Is there a way to configure the storage location/prefix for code when using the new fast registration without bucket credentials? It used to be stored under
before (not sure if I had configured it before, I can't find any config related to that). Now it's just stored in random paths under the bucket root.
But the storage location is where Flyte stores all it's metadata
That's fine, I just want to have it under a prefix, not the bucket root
Hmm perhaps I misunderstood how this works. If I set
storagePrefix: fast
, flyte still creates random directories at the root of the bucket, and THEN prepends the prefix like:
Using an absolute prefix
storagePrefix: "<gs://bucket/fast>"
doesn't work either.
Ya we can stop doing the random can you file an issue
It's using the same sharded
Ok I'll create an issue
I realized my issue is just about the prefix order, not sure about the random so I left that out for now. Here’s the issue: