Hello! Is there a guide on the use of git-actions ...
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Hello! Is there a guide on the use of git-actions for workflow/launchplan registration and launchplan activation in a remote flyte cluster. The goal is to use git actions for production deployment.
AFAICT no, but happy to answer questions about how we're registering entities with GitHub actions
Most of the concerns aren't flyte ones specifically, but rather mostly auth considerations with your cloud provider
Thanks @Rahul Mehta for your response. Could you please explain to me how you are registering entities using github actions. I am working on implementing a solution for my team
Our flow is a bit less common since we use Bazel as our build system, but let me distill the steps to something that'll likely match yours (we use AWS): 1. Build and push a container image containing all the dependencies/sources for the flyte workflow/launch plans to a docker repo (ECR in our case) 2. Run a script that wraps
to serialize & register the workflows (this is pretty much from the flyte docs) 3. Using
, either trigger an execution or activate a launch plan The main concern here is enabling GitHub actions to make API requests to Flyte. If you're using GitHub's hosted runners (ie.
), you'll likely need to make your flyte grpc endpoint available on the public internet and set up authentication (which is in the docs). In our case, we self-host GitHub actions runners in an internal K8s cluster using actions-runner-controller, which has network access to our Flyte cluster
Thanks @Rahul Mehta. I will have more questions for you in the coming days as my team discusses this design approach