Team, i followed the flyte documentation and updat...
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Team, i followed the flyte documentation and updated the snowflake JWT_TOKEN. it is working fine, however token validity is just one day. we need to create new everyday and new token require editing the kubernetes secret. we can create jwt_token without expiry?
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cc: @Kevin Su
can you make an issue for this @Sathish kumar Venkatesan
the plugin only takes one token right now.
the way around this is probably to take a refresh token as well.
and then the webapi plugin can refresh on expiry, but not sure where’s the best place to put this. presumably this is something the webapi plugin can support more broadly not just in snowflake. in the meantime, any chance you can bump the expiration?
@Yee @Kevin Su thanks yee. do you have any sample code for executing snowflake query using backend plugin?