Also, is flytectl doing something special when sta...
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Also, is flytectl doing something special when starting the demo? Because I'm trying to start it using Docker and it takes too long... My Docker Compose file, which worked perfectly for the old
(I just altered the ports):
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    image: <|>
    container_name: flyte-sandbox
    privileged: true
      - "30080:30080"         # Console at <http://localhost:30080/console>
      - "30081:30081"
      - "30082:30082"
      - "30084:30084"
      - "30086:30086"
      - "30088:30088"
      - "30089:30089"
this is the docker inspect for me
not sure where the difference will be coming from.
can you try flytectl to confirm it works? if it does we can maybe inspect both containers and do a diff?
I did try to make the compose file similar to the inspect, but I wasn't sure what was needed and what it wasn't
I'll do the diff, just one sec
ok I got an enormous output
I'll try to remove diffs that are just changes on IDs or no exposed ports (I removed the "ports" field on the compose file so that it would not clash with the flytectl container)
actually nvm, i'll send a file, i think everything is relevant
btw this is whats happening with the compose one
ok nevermind, just noticed that the sandbox is up, it's just that the "Flyte sandbox is up" log doesn't appear anymore, so I thought something was wrong 😅
so all good?
i’m still looking at the other issue…
all good! the other issue is puzzling me still. I was able to reference tasks before, but now all my references are broken...