Whenever I package using the flag `--fast` and the...
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Whenever I package using the flag
and then run register the actual registration takes ~1 minute compared to instant when not using fast packaging. Is this expected or is there a way to speed up this process? :)
During --fast serialization since it takes some time in archiving the the source and also while registration it takes time to upload it to the storage hence you will see additional time but overall if you are doing multiple iterations this would be much less as compared to building new images and downloading them .
Yes I figured! Still way faster, absolutely. Just curious if this was expected πŸ™‚ Thanks
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@Hampus Rosvall did you try new flytectl, you will not need storage config and it should be automatic
@Ketan (kumare3) using these versions - should be the new one right?
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(.venv) ☁  ~  flytectl version

 A new release of flytectl is available: 0.5.21 β†’ v0.5.23 
To upgrade, run: brew update && brew upgrade flytectl 

  "App": "flytectl",
  "Build": "fc7b1dd",
  "Version": "0.5.21",
  "BuildTime": "2022-05-02 15:58:36.551956 +0200 CEST m=+0.018644626"
  "App": "controlPlane",
  "Build": "9d9194c",
  "Version": "v1.0.0",
  "BuildTime": "2022-04-27 12:17:03.529115995 +0000 UTC m=+0.198800784"
yes that should support fast registering without storage config . On GCP We are noticing it requires additional permissions on the existing role defined for flyte admin service account which allows for creating signed URL which is how we are now supporting fast serialization without providing the storage config on the client side
Please let us know if you find a problem
Also you can use pyflyte run - check new getting started. Only if your entire workflow is one file
Sure I will! While I have you guys on the line, I can’t seem to wrap my head around what the difference is between
that gets generated when I run
pyflyte init
There should be a common config now that you can use across flytectl nd pyflyte cc: @Kevin Su