Anyone have any experience adding caching to `map_...
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Anyone have any experience adding caching to
? I've tried by adding the caching stuff to the
decorator and in the "mapification" like this:
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map_task(my_task)(input=input).with_overrides(cache=True, cache_version="1.0")
but I'm not seeing in the flyte console the little swirly that indicates the task either wrote to or read from the cache. Is caching a map task supported?
Hi @Thomas Addison, great question. map tasks do support caching. We have been doing a lot of work recently to update the UI visualizations of map tasks. I know that the caching visualizations should be working. What version of Flyte are you currently running?
we're running 0.19.4 i think
upon further investigation, it does look like the map task is caching even though the little swirly isn't present in the ui
Oh OK perfect. Thanks for looking a bit deeper at this! @Nastya Rusina can you confirm that a version update would pick up everything necessary to display map task cache writes / hits in the UI?
I believe it will. But let me check it locally first. I will get back with answer here shortly :)
@Thomas Addison It looks like it is present in latest flyteconsole.
awesome, thanks for looking into it. looking forward to when we upgrade console to see that cool cache swirly
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I’m sorry @Thomas Addison it looks like I misled you. Further investigation showed that we don’t see swirly thing on caching tasks when perform them locally. The new issue was created to fix it: #514 We currently looking at it more deeply. Sorry again for confusion 🙇‍♀️
The fix for this issue just merged into master. From FlyteConsole v.1.1.4 (not released yet) mapped task will have a partially cached icon, and you would be able to see cache status per each task in array.
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cool! ty!