Doing a Flyte POC at HBO Max! Going to have some q...
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Doing a Flyte POC at HBO Max! Going to have some questions coming through in the next week or two when our instance is setup. I was curious if there was a way to dynamically set task resources within workflows. I have more information here Thanks for the help!
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Firstly @Evan Sadler welcome to the community. We are thankful for you to try out Flyte and hopefully help us improve it through your questions. Also I love hbo - so very happy to help
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There is a way, if you are using dynamic you can override the properties based on inputs. In static you can do static overrides
Let me share example or docs
Thank you!
Also some of it is in the python docs
Even if it does not exist for example super Trivial to add
Amazing! Excited to see. Really just knowing it is possible is all I need for now haha. I am hoping that we can use Flyte to build reusable components to bootstrap our DS and ML workflows. Conceptually, I am imagining something the TFX components, but extremely easy to write, use, and extend thanks to the genius that is Flyte.
@Evan Sadler you found a missing doc - so sorry that you have to look at the code. But here is the
method that is available on the Node -
Also thank you for your super generous compliment
So we built Flyte with the purpose of re-usable components
Hopefully soon you will how much fun it can be 😄
for re-usable tasks and workflows - look at Reference Tasks
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I had to use kubeflow pipelines for 2 years and we had to write our own package around KFP to make it useable. I am already having so much more fun with Flyte.
ohh great to hear
please join our community sync tomorrow, we have a special treat
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I just added it to my calendar
cc @Smriti Satyan missing docs for
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