How to `map volumes` through flyte from a director...
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How to
map volumes
through flyte from a directory inside VM to a directory inside Container and vice versa.(Bind mount)
cc: @Prafulla Mahindrakar
May I know your use case, @Ahmad Islam?
Yes, I have input data folders and input model folder present inside VM that are required as input to one of the container image for training. Also, output (trained model files) are required back to VM for further processing.
Can you not send them as inputs to a Flyte workflow? Regarding the output files, you should be getting an accessible path, say if s3, you’d be getting an s3 uri.
AFAIK this is not something possible as your container would be orchestrated on a k8s cluster that can be running on any cloud or on prem. You can do such kind of workflow for your testing by using flyte sandbox environment on your VM which will have access to that file system Cleaner would be using s3 or gcs like storage for providing the data your tasks. and then having a task to download the results and use it for further processing.