we're trying to run the caching.py example to see ...
# announcements
we're trying to run the caching.py example to see how the caching works, but it appears to only work sometimes. we increased the sleep time to 50 seconds
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def hash_pandas_dataframe(df: pandas.DataFrame) -> str:
    return str(pandas.util.hash_pandas_object(df))

def uncached_data_reading_task() -> Annotated[
    pandas.DataFrame, HashMethod(hash_pandas_dataframe)
    return pandas.DataFrame({"column_1": [1, 2, 3]})

@task(cache=True, cache_version="1.0")
def cached_data_processing_task(df: pandas.DataFrame) -> pandas.DataFrame:
    return df * 2

def compare_dataframes(df1: pandas.DataFrame, df2: pandas.DataFrame):
    assert df1.equals(df2)

def cached_dataframe_wf():
    raw_data = uncached_data_reading_task()

    # We execute `cached_data_processing_task` twice, but we force those
    # two executions to happen serially to demonstrate how the second run
    # hits the cache.
    t1_node = create_node(cached_data_processing_task, df=raw_data)
    t2_node = create_node(cached_data_processing_task, df=raw_data)
    t1_node >> t2_node

    # Confirm that the dataframes actually match
    compare_dataframes(df1=t1_node.o0, df2=t2_node.o0)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    df1 = cached_dataframe_wf()
    print(f"Running cached_dataframe_wf once : {df1}")
but sometimes the caching works and sometimes it doesnt. we've tried running with pyflyte run --remote caching.py cached_dataframe_wf as well as trying the relaunch button but as you can see in the pictures it tends to not work and i'm not sure why. any ideas?
Hi @Eugene Cha, Can you check the following metrics from datacatalog
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You can portforward your datacatalog pod similar to this
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kubectl port-forward datacatalog-6797ff48c6-tvkm5  -n flyte 10254:10254
And access the metrics locally http://localhost:10254/metrics Every cache hit will increment this counter . Also the UI shows the cache symbol
Also assuming you have this config for propeller cache config as default value
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MaxCacheAge  config.Duration `json:"max-cache-age" pflag:", Cache entries past this age will incur cache miss. 0 means cache never expires"`
Also another log you can check is this for executions using cache
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k logs -n flyte flytepropeller-6844db64cf-5jtxn  |grep "Catalog CacheHit" |wc -l
i'm using flytectl demo and there's no datacatalog or flytepropeller pods
You should be able to check the same logs in demo too . find the docker container for flyte and check the logs for those
you should be able to find it using the entry point script
I've checked the pods in namespace flyte and i only see the kubernetes dashboard, minio, and postgres pods
The logs for propeller and all other components are bundled in one single binary with demo and hence you won’t get these logs from the pods but instead you can get there directly from the docker container which is run by demo
{"json":{"exec_id":"fcbe5b0421ec342e7bb2","node":"n2","ns":"flytesnacks-development","res_ver":"266527","routine":"worker-3","src":"pre_post_execution.go:55","tasktype":"python-task","wf":"flytesnacksdevelopmentflyte.workflows.caching2.cached_dataframe_wf"},"level":"error","msg":"No CacheHIT and no Error received. Illegal state, Cache State: CACHE_DISABLED","ts":"2022-05-31T061225Z"}
I don't see logs regarding datacatalog
Ahhh .so demo has caching disabled seems like .if caching is disabled then you won’t see any logs from data catalog.
How do I enable caching in demo?
Yes checking on this now
There's no data catalog in the demo right?
even datacatalog is bundled as part of the demo executable . as it uses minio for cached data ref
Hmm. Is there a way to enable caching in the demo? The team wanted to see caching in action but I had so many issues trying to setup a production level system in our on premise setup
checking with @Kevin Su if we have used this on demo . I will try to check whats happening in interim. sorry to hear that you ran into many issues with your prod setup
No worries. Thanks so much for the help Prafulla
@Eugene Cha Good catch. Cache doesn’t work because the default catalog type is noop. I just created a PR to fix it. https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/pull/2564 To unblock you, you can use image I just built.
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flytectl demo start --image pingsutw/sandbox-lite-test
cc @Eugene Cha we do not have caching enabled in demo - 😞 Thank you for the catch.
works great. thank you so much guys
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