Hi! I want to make creating Project with a certa...
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Hi! I want to make creating Project with a certain default IAM role with less friction. My understanding is like this(excluding Domain for simplicity): 1-
helm value contains all the default k8s resources for a namespace(including namespace itself and ServiceAccount which we use to specify an IAM role) 2- We can specify a default IAM role for the ServiceAccounts. 3- User creates a project using
flytectl create project
4- flyteadmin creates namespace, serviceaccount and all other resoruces under
helm value. Our projects need different default IAM roles and we want our users to not have to go to the created namespace and create a ServiceAccount then specify it for each execution. So, is there any way to create projects with different default IAM roles/ServiceAccounts?
Cc @Prafulla Mahindrakar can you help answer this. But, FlyteAdmin supports creating per project/domain defaults like service account, task resources etc The new Ui also shows it
Currently we support project-domain level defaults that you can configure using flytectl workflow-execution-config https://docs.flyte.org/projects/flytectl/en/latest/gen/flytectl_update_workflow-execution-config.html the doc explains how to add this
You can use the get command to get the existing config or generate a sample one and apply using an update
We are currently working on proposal to have these attributes at the project level
When we have these attributes at the project level in future, one must still create the k8s service account manually in each “$project-$domain” k8s namespace. Would it be possible in future to create service account(with given iam role) implicit with namespace creation as well?
@Mücahit we have purposely stayed away from creating the service account as tbh I believe in most companies Iam roles provisioning is very restricted. I don't know if this falls in flytes charter
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@Prafulla Mahindrakar having these attributes project-level sounds good