Is there a way to override/add a particular option...
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Is there a way to override/add a particular option when calling the
pyflyte register
command? I.E. I’m adding a new field in flytekit and in the Container IDL proto to add an architecture override, is there a way to force that during the register for all workflows in a github repo, rather than needing to modify all of the workflows one by one? @Anmol had mentioned this to me before, but we couldn’t find any docs about it.
I think there's no generic way to do that, because it depends on the nature of the underlying proto message/specific workflow field you're trying to change, right? There are ways to override the image config and other params within pyflyte register but these all have implementations that are plumbed through to the serialized object. cc @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) @Yee
I chatted with @Ketan (kumare3) in the past on this and thought this was doable. Basically want to set the architecture field (added in so that users can default all the workflows/tasks in a repo while registering rather than setting individually on a task level.
yup you can always add an option. like i mentioned above we already do that to support overriding certain serialization/registration params. I don't know if we have any docs necessarily but you can take a look at the flags defined for the register command for working examples
@Ketan (kumare3) should this go into the Image object on the flytekit side? i would say yes, just not sure how one would specify that on the command line or even in the config file.
Ya this should be in the image object
In serialization settings
In the old Flytekit you can use config