Hey, everyone! I'm looking at the new parts of the...
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Hey, everyone! I'm looking at the new parts of the documentation and wondering if the serialization/registration process changed on 1.x.x. The Getting Started example executes a workflow locally using the default Docker image in the sandbox server, right? But I thought that the code was required to be inside the container so that Flyte could run it. Does pyflyte run an implicit fast serialization? If not, what is it doing? I'm curious because our team wants to use Flyte on production, but I fear that we'll have a lot of very similar Docker images (since we mostly use the same libraries). Having "base" images that we could use on simple tasks/projects would be a life-saver.
Hi Matheus, yes, you’re right. we use fast register by default in pyflyte run, but you can also use image flag
to use custom image.
cc @Marc Paquette to improve this part of the docs. So @Matheus Moreno we just talked about it in yesterdays sync. please checkout the video. I know it can be a new change. So here is what is happening. pyflyte talks now (using flyteremote) to Flyteadmin to get a signedURL which is bound to the compressed archive of the code. This is where pyflyte uploads the code (we wanted to make things easier for the user) As @Kevin Su suggested you can supply an alternate image, if not, it uses a default image with only flytekit and pandas/numpy installed in it.
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Here is the video.