Hi all :wave: The new release of <FlyteConsole v....
# flyte-console
Hi all 👋 The new release of FlyteConsole v.1.1.0 is now available. 🎉 Full list of changes: • refactor: FC#431 Move to monorepo structure to allow separate FlyteConsole into plugins systemfeat: FC#414 Add support for StructuredDataSet Input/Output type • feat: FC#448 Updated Task details page to be able to browse different task versions • feat: FC#445 Updated Input/Output and TaskDetails representation - now you can collapse parts of it. • feat: FC#311 Show new map tasks in the GraphView with information of which subtasks are in which phase(running, erroring, succeeded) • feat: #2284 Add interruptible override to launch forms • fix: FC#463 ensure that setups with different domains for console and admin API properly works • fix: FC#416 Fixes one of the crashes in Graph component for Viel All Workflow section • fix: ensure that admin version is fully shown FC#465fix: Small cosmetic updates: FC#451, FC#386, FC#398
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