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Samhita Alla

04/25/2022, 12:25 PM
📣 Contributors of the Month 📣 Hello everyone! We’re fortunate enough to have contributors who not only strive to make Flyte better but help us reach a wider audience. On that note, we want to give shout-outs and send swag to the following list of contributors this month. • @Konstantin Slisenko has written a comprehensive article on orchestrating data pipelines at Lyft; this is the go-to article for those who’d like to know how Flyte differs from and complements Airflow. • @Guillaume Perchais and @Babis Kiosidis have published an article detailing why Spotify switched the data orchestration service from Luigi and Flo to Flyte. They’ve also extensively contributed to flytekit-java, our Java SDK. We hope to have many more of your contributions, Konstantin, Guillaume, and Babis! All contributors of the month should be available on
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