# ask-the-community

Tom Melendez

10/19/2022, 1:42 PM
Hey Folks, new here but our team loves Flyte! I'm seeing a hang from a fork when I use flyte remote - should this being forking? I'm only just getting into this but if anyone has any quick thoughts or ideas, PLMK. I'll post more info soon. Running python3 in a venv, flytekit 1.1.3, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on GCP. python3 -v tells me I'm hanging on popen_fork.

Ketan (kumare3)

10/19/2022, 1:47 PM
Thank you for the support ❤️
Sorry but I don’t follow the problem- hangs when?
Forking python processes in docker maybe hard, as you end up doubling memory etc

Tom Melendez

10/19/2022, 5:13 PM
Thanks, turns out this is on my end, basically it was waiting for Flyte auth