Hello :wave: Sorry for being impatient but can som...
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Hello 👋 Sorry for being impatient but can someone review my PR, It's been more than 3 days. https://github.com/unionai-oss/unionml/pull/187 cc @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) and @Niels Bantilan
Could you please redirect this question to #hacktoberfest-2022 channel?
Also @Krishna Agarwal I don’t understand your PR. Can you please write a one pager to explain why you want to add gitpod, what experience does the user have? From what I see in the PR you are simply installed by yarn, how is this relevant to unionml. Pardon my ignorance
Yes Sure @Ketan (kumare3), I've been using Gitpod for a long time and let me explain you what it does, and I have replied to you on your review comment on my PR. It is a interactive development environment (IDE) in your browser. It allows you to view and interact with this code directly in your browser without the need to clone it to your local machine. I use it a lot becuase it saves space of your computer and its very easy to setup. In simple words, it's a virtual environment which is connected with remote access to the pull or the repository, you can push, pull or make changes to the code directly. If you see the Screenshots in pr of precommit that I shared, I ran the commands in Gitpod itself and didn't clone the repo on my local machine. When you click on the badge which is sent by Gitpod bot on my PR, it will create a workspace and there we can make changes. I hope you understood the real idea behind the pr.
And we installed yarn because, I prefer yarn and not npm. If you want, we can go with npm too. As I said in the comment on the PR, it starts the development server, expose the ports and enables remote access to the repository or pull request.