Hi, everyone! I'm kinda confused on where the Flyt...
# flyte-deployment
Hi, everyone! I'm kinda confused on where the Flyte charts are stored and wanted to check here. Right now, I have a local copy of the flyte-core Helm chart. When I run
helm repo add flyteorg <https://helm.flyte.org>
and then
helm pull --untar flyteorg/flyte-core
, I get a chart of version 1.2.0. But on GitHub the latest version is 1.1.0. I think I'm looking at the wrong place. Where are the updated charts? Are they dynamically generated? By the way, the README of flyte-core 1.2.0 chart is wrong. For some reason, the README for the flyte-deps chart is being shown.
can you clarify what you mean?
where is the 1.1 you’re referring to?
do you mean v0.1.10?
helm charts are defined here https://helm.flyte.org/index.yaml
so it’s whatever that mapping is
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  - apiVersion: v2
    created: "2022-10-04T01:43:46.377372272Z"
    description: A Helm chart for Flyte core
    digest: 1409b354c12f41e76c621f29d2b6d0d0c6d08b20691ad49c295cc46ff1721698
    name: flyte-core
    type: application
    - <https://flyteorg.github.io/flyte/flyte-core-v1.2.0.tgz>
    version: v1.2.0
the yaml file is always the best place to check since that’s what helm looks at.
though it’s not meant for human parsing
Yeah, it's just that on GitHub, the version available is v0.1.10, but on the link you sent is v1.2.0, so its kinda confusing
it is sorry. we should manually update that. it gets filled in by the ci/cd pipeline