All, I am beyond excited to announce that <Union.a...
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All, I am beyond excited to announce that (the company I founded last year) just announced that we raised 10 million dollars to invest in Flyte community and open source. This would not have been possible without the support of all of you folks, and some who have been critical - @Guillaume Perchais / @Nelson Arapé / @Babis Kiosidis / @jeev / @Anmol / @Pradithya Aria Pura / @Miggy / @varsha Parthasarathy / @Viktor Barinov / @Grant McKenzie / @Stephen / @Maarten de Jong and many others. Apologize if I did not include you. I promise you this is the start. Stay tuned for massive updates to the user experience now and in this year to performance, reliability and focused features and especially UI. We are stoked to build the most differentiated complete orchestration platform powered by Kubernetes.
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