has anyone put the flyte services behind their own...
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has anyone put the flyte services behind their own api gateway before? having issues rerouting the js assets for the UI. I am able to update the url for
but the UI still looks for the js assests in
. This is just the beginning though, will eventually need to prepend a path to
as well so it doesn't interfere with our endpoints
Yes you can configure Console and other things for different endpoints
We are also releasing a single binary soon to make this easier
When do yall plan on releasing the binary? Contemplating if we should just wait for this or figure out a bandaid solution until it comes out. Where can we configure those endpoints? I see all the endpoints in the helm chart template
but that did not seem to fix the issue. My current problem I'm working on is creating a proxy between our api gateway and flyte cluster. I am able to route from gw to flyte console through the proxy but getting the js files returned as html files (one matching the console home page). That one is throwing me through a loop because its returning 200 as
instead of
so it makes me think theres a redirect happening somewhere when trying to get
via the proxy (leaving this part here in case anyone else has had experience with this)
so the single binary already exists
but we plan to have the deployment ready sometime in november