# announcements

Samhita Alla

09/15/2022, 10:13 AM
Hey all! 👋 We’ll use this channel for announcements from now on. Posting access here is being restricted as we want to emphasize Flyte announcements. Please redirect your questions to #ask-the-community and we’d be more than happy to help! We also have a couple more channels that you can join. Pasting an excerpt from our onboarding message for your reference. 👋 Head over to #introductions to introduce yourself. We’d love to know about you and what brings you here. 🎤 #announcements is used for workspace-wide communication and announcements. Keep your tabs on it! Have Flyte questions? #ask-the-community. 📦 Have questions regarding flytekit, our Python/Java SDK? #flytekit is the place to go. 🚀 Planning to deploy Flyte? Hit us up in #flyte-deployment. 💡 Have suggestions or ideas on how to make Flyte better? Jump to #feature-discussions. 🎤 We often host events and talk about Flyte at meetups and conferences. Join #events to stay tuned. 🤖 Want to stay updated on UnionML — a wrapper we built to simplify building and deploying ML microservices? Join #ecosystem-unionml. 🌏 For non-work banter and water cooler conversations, jump to #random. We’re also working on a Slack etiquette guide to make sure everyone goes by the rules. Happy slacking!