Hello! I am trying to use my private Docker Regist...
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Hello! I am trying to use my private Docker Registry for node image, it is works in sandbox if executed ‘docker login’. But how it should be done on production cluster with Flyte? Tried to debug and found this line: https://github.com/flyteorg/flytepropeller/blob/6a9c1d4490c94e993b9a859d15c3b436c98af3c2/pkg/apis/flyteworkflow/v1alpha1/nodes.go#L119 as i understand - Propeller is able to read K8s secrets from this field. But how to pass this field via Python FlyteKit? Can i pass them using raw container definition?
you will have to mount the credentials into your namespace -
you dont need to look at that
just add the secrets to the
service account
and launch with that service account
@Dan Rammer (hamersaw) this is what we need to get rid off from the CRD. These fields are useless
hey @illarion Disabled you can use the cluster resource controller which is a cron process that manages and updates per-project k8s namespaces. You can use it to automatically to create dockerhub secret and add ImagePullSecrets to the default (or other) service account. Just add these linked template files to your helm deployment, like here
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more background on the cluster resource controller and how to actually assign the templatized password in your deployment config can be found here : https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/deployment/cluster_config/general.html#cluster-resources
let me know if this makes sense and if you want to chat more about this @illarion Disabled!
@Ketan (kumare3) @katrina Thank you for the support!